Want Photo-Realistic CGIs To Visualise Your Project?

Generate a buzz around your new builds to sell them sooner.

What is CGI?

CGI stands for Computer Generated Image.

We use your plans, work with you to select the best angles, then create a photo-realistic digital version of your project.

This gets you marketing from day 1!

benefits our customers:


Fear is of the unknown. When planners, and other stakeholders, see plans they can feel cold and unengaged.

We can create immersed CGIs that fit their environment, making it easier for all parties to see what you see.

Creates Interest

You can use your CGIs on brochures, social media, property portals and even billboards.

This helps to create the maximum interest before you’ve finished building.

You Sell

Not being able to see a realistic image of the property is a big stummbling block when generating sales.

Having a CGI allows buyers to feel confindent in what you’ve designed and so more likely to make an offer.

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What our customers think...

Very professional company and easy to deal with. We have been so happy with our CGI’s and find them very helpful in the design process.

Phillipa Vigor

Frequently Asked Questions...

Once we receive all the relevant documents it will typically take 1-3 weeks to return the completed image (Depending on the complexity).

We require 50% upfront and 50% on completion (We’ll show you the final render before we ask for payment) which will both be invoiced.

It’s an autoCAD file. It’s used by many architects when creating plans (So they are often the best port of call when attaining the files). If you are unable to get the file there’ll be an extra charge of £50-£100 to recreate it.

Of course! We offer two opportunities to make changes:

  1. At the white card render stage. This is a basic graphic that will allow you to make changes to the angle and structure of the building.
  2. First draft with materials. Here you’ll be able to make changes to the general look and material choices.

We’ll then make any requested changes, confirm the draft with you, before creating the final version. Changes after this point may come with an extra charge.

Nope, the choice is yours!

We work with many different kinds of developer. From those who just need a single front image through to large scale projects requiring dozens of images for a site.

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What we need from you...

  • Floor Plans
  • Elevations (.DWG files)
  • Site Plan
  • Materials List and Landscaping Plan
  • Site Photo or Location on Google Maps.

N.B. See ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ if you are unsure about .DWG files.

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