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Our team of experts will help you produce high quality video and photography while speeding up workflow.

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How It Works


Our highly experienced team will help you pick the best kit, explain how to use it, and then walk you through the secrets of perfect composition.


You then take what you’ve learnt and turn it into great raw material. If you have any questions we’ll be on call to answer.


We then do the hardest part...the edit! We’ll give you that pro look in less than 24h.

We got an Exceptional award at the EA Masters this week. I’m sure that our video tours played a part in this success, so thanks a lot guys, delighted we found each other on Instagram.

Your Move, Levin

What We Do

Boost brand awareness with high quality Video Editing

With a small ad spend on Facebook our customers can get between 1,000- 3,000 quality views on average.

The ones that go viral can see 20,000+ views.

Cost Effective Kit

Smart Phones are fantastic for video.

We’ll add a few extra bits to your phone and you’ll be good to go.


Our team will take you through from kit to composition (Perfect for beginners).


We’ll work with you to create a branded style for your videos. We’ll even create an animated version of your logo.


We keep our edits short and sharp, between 1-2 minutes, to hold buyers attention.

Turnaround is next working day.

Experienced Support

Experienced videographers on call to answer all your questions.

Make every day feel like summer with
professional Photo Editing

What’s included as standard?

Blue Skies

We’ll replace all grey skies with sunny blue ones.

Overall Edit

We’ll straighten, brighten, add vibrancy, resize and lens correct.

Object Removal

We’ll remove small/medium objects (e.g. agents boards, bins, your reflection) on request.

Fast Turnaround

We’ll return your images next day at the latest.

Experienced Support

Some of the top property photographers in the country on call to answer all your questions.

Sell sooner with photo-realistic CGIs

Our stunning Computer Generated Images (CGIs) allow potential buyers to get a real sense of the property before completion.

We also create hi-res images, ready for billboards, allowing you to take full advantage of foot traffic and for potential buyers to see the images in-situ.


To request a call back leave us a number and someone will get back to you
within 24 hours